Configure second sshd on the same machine

Achim Gratz Stromeko@NexGo.DE
Fri Aug 15 06:32:00 GMT 2014

Achim Gratz <Stromeko <at> NexGo.DE> writes:
> For building 32bit packages I've set up an additional installation on the
> same server.  To use it from the outside (like) I'm trying to configure a
> second sshd on the server.  So I've installed a cygserver23 and sshd32
> service with otherwise identical setup to their 64bit brethren and bumped
> the port sshd listens on to 3222.

After some back and forth and restarting the services many times I've now
ran into the problem that login in via tcsh on the 64bit sshd would also get
no tty (login via bash and then exec a "tcsh -l" still works).  There is
some interaction going on between the 64bit and 32bit world that I don't
understand, most likely via one of the two service users (cyg_server and
sshd) that have been set up from 64bit.  I've just removed the 32bit
services and rebooted the server due to security updates and the 64bit sshd
reverted back to normal after that.  I can provide an additional service
user for cyg_server32, but for the sshd user I'm stuck with a single account
unless I go and patch the sshd.

If someone has got this working I'd appreciate a short note on exactly how.
 In fact I was planning to have three separate Cygwin installations (a build
environment for 32bit and 64bit plus a 64bit user installation) and three
sshd running on different ports providing remote access to all of them.  The
maddening thing is that it looks like I'm 98% there...


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