Running a cygwin application on Windows

Achim Gratz
Sat Aug 16 10:29:00 GMT 2014

Fernando Gont writes:
> My idea was to use cygwin, since I'm not much of a Windows programmer.
> Is there any way to produce and ship an exe with the relevant libraries?

If I understand correctly what you're trying to do, you need to obtain a
commercial license from RedHat for doing so.  Otherwise, if you ship
binaries linked against cygwin1.dll you need to also include all sources
(for Cygwin and your own application) with each such shipment.

> P.S.: Our project is GPL'ed, so no issues in terms of licenses....

You need to read the license for Cygwin:

Alternatively, why don't you just package your application with cygport
and offer it to be included with the distribution?

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