OpenMPI Fails to Run

Marco Atzeri
Sun Aug 17 04:06:00 GMT 2014

On 17/08/2014 02:22, Gery . wrote:
> I recently installed cygwin64 in my windows 8.1 (like 3 days ago) and tried a program that has also worked in Linux and cygwin32, but it didn't work properly. So, I uninstalled the 64 and installed the 32, and it worked flawlessly. I have no idea why, but you could try the 32-bit instead.

that is not the way to solve issue!

> Gery
> Sent from my iRon
> On Aug 17, 2014, at 1:10, "Altman, Eric" <> wrote:
> I am trying to run MPI programs under Cygwin64 version 1.15.1-4 with OpenMPI version 1.7.5-1.  The computer is an i7 running Windows 8.0.  I do not have any issues compiling programs, but I get the following errors trying to run hello_c.exe (

$ uname -r

cygwin is at 1.7.32 version

the only program at 1.15.1-4 is the X server.
$ cygcheck -cd |grep "1.15"
wget                                  1.15-1
xorg-server                           1.15.1-4
xorg-server-common                    1.15.1-4
xorg-server-debuginfo                 1.15.1-4

> $ mpirun -np 4 hello_c.exe
> [fsp-eng-jfn5kn1:03900] [[63491,0],0] CONNECTION REQUEST ON UNKNOWN INTERFACE
> [fsp-eng-jfn5kn1:03900] [[63491,0],0] CONNECTION REQUEST ON UNKNOWN INTERFACE
> [fsp-eng-jfn5kn1:03900] [[63491,0],0] CONNECTION REQUEST ON UNKNOWN INTERFACE
> [fsp-eng-jfn5kn1:03900] [[63491,0],0] CONNECTION REQUEST ON UNKNOWN INTERFACE
> I have all the packages it said to load (rsh, ssh, all versions of compilers and header files).
> I have tried numerous things but always get this error.  I would appreciate any help in resolving it.

openmpi 1.7.x on cygwin in general is a bit sensible to strange interfaces.
on my machine I noticed that it can stuck when the wireless is ON,
but no issue on when connect is on LAN.

Can you test openmpi-1.8.2rc4-1 ? You can install it, using
setup-x86_64.exe -X -O -s

It seems a bit less sensible than 1.7.5 to such problems.

> Thanks.

cygwin package maintainer for openmpi

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