Windows Server 2012R2 64bit and 32bit Cygwin sshd

Achim Gratz
Tue Aug 19 19:21:00 GMT 2014

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> It doesn't matter if it's the same.  An exception is generated and 32
> and 64 bit versions react differently for whatever reason.  It's also
> really unnecessary to generate two accounts for this.

I know that now.  But at one point I was wondering if somehow the fact
that certain settings in the cyg_server user account point to the 64bit
installation was responsible for my problem as it looked like there was
some interaction.

> Setting up sshd should be the job of an admin in the first place.  The
> domain account is a service starter account, not just some arbitrary
> administrative account.  That, and much easier maintainance domain-wide
> should be blatantly obvious to the admins.

I am the admin, but just of that single server and not all the time.  As
I said I can and will ask, but even if the guy I'm talking to agrees it
makes sense that still doesn't mean it's going to happen once it's been
filtered through their set of rules that don't have provisions for
Cygwin in them.  They've already asked why I don't convert that box to
Linux (different rules again which at least know of sshd) and I actually
might end up having to do so in the long run.

> Thanks, coming...


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