Deafult to bash so $chere will work (possibly?)

Michelle Pace
Sun Aug 24 04:50:00 GMT 2014


I would like Cygwin in the context menu of my Windows 7 machine (I
have admin rights).

I'm not sure really why the chere command is not working since I've
just read "sh is actually really bash" and my .bashrc file is
definitely getting used. Additionally there is nothing in my passwd
file as I thought I should just replace "sh" with "bash". Finally,
setting $SHELL to /bin/bash also did not work.

QUESTION: Could anyone please point out what I need to do to get my
chere command working?

My Story
$ chere -i -t mintty
    Shell defaulting to sh defined for MP
    /usr/bin/chere Error: Unknown shell sh

    Supported shells:
    ash bash cmd dash fish mksh pdksh posh tcsh zsh passwd

$ echo $SHELL

$ getent passwd

$ cat /etc/passwd
    <there was nothing in this file, nothing at all!! >

$ cat /etc/shells


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