[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: git-2.0.4-1

Adam Dinwoodie adam@dinwoodie.org
Mon Aug 25 13:02:00 GMT 2014

On Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 02:44:51PM +0200, Michelle Pace wrote:
> > Version 2.0.4-1 of Git has been uploaded
> Thanks for the announcement Adam.
> I was not able to update git via any of the below 3 approaches. Could
> you please advise how I should update to V2 ?

It can take a little while for the mirrors to update with the new
packages, so either try again in a few hours, or try a different mirror.

As I understand it, it's up to the mirror administrators to determine
how often they take updates, so you may have better luck with a
different mirror if you don't want to wait.  Taking a look at a few
mirrors at https://cygwin.com/mirrors.html, I can see at least some of
them have picked up the new packages already.

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