setup.exe handles same packages in multiple mirrors badly

Andrey Repin
Mon Aug 25 20:50:00 GMT 2014

Greetings, Bjorn Kautler!

> I usually start setup.exe like "setup.exe -K
>" and select the cygwinports mirror
> and a "normal" mirror in the mirror selection page to have the
> packages from both mirrors readily available, selectable and
> updatable.

> Unfortunatley, setup.exe seems to not handle this properly if a
> package is present on both mirrors. When I look at the available
> versions for the git packages, then I only see the 1.8 versions from
> cygwinports, not the newly released ones from the normal mirror. (yes,
> I made sure I selected a mirror where the packages are already
> available)

> In such a case I think setup.exe should provide the versions of all
> the mirrors for selection and auto-select the newest version
> cross-mirror for update.

Never had a problem.

run ./setup-${ARCH}.exe -K -O -s -s

Andrey Repin ( 26.08.2014, <00:37>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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