About cygstart in Cygwin64

Angelo Graziosi angelo.graziosi@alice.it
Tue Aug 26 10:24:00 GMT 2014

When I had WinXP32 and Cygwin32, I defined an alias (in .bashrc) like this

   alias cygstart='TEMP=/home/$USER/Temp cygstart'

where /home/$USER/Temp was a symlink to the user native Temp directory 
(/cygdrive/c/Documents and Setting/Local/Temp, if I remember..)

The reasons for that alias with TEMP=/home.. in front, were that, 
opening documents with Windows native applications (for example, a PDF 
with AR), all temporary files that those applications created were saved 
in the Windows native Temp directory. And all this worked..

Now with Win7U and Cygwin64 I defined a similar alias, being 
/home/$USER/Temp the symlink

   /home/$USER/Temp --> /cygdrive/c/$USER/AppData/Local/Temp

In this case, all temporary files created by Windows native 
applications, started with cygstart, go in /tmp Cygwin directory.., i.e. 
the definition "TEMP=/home/$USER/Temp" in front of cygstart command is 

This is a minor issue but I wonder if there is a way to avoid it.


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