Houder houder@xs4all.nl
Mon Nov 3 17:57:00 GMT 2014

>> > Doesn't make much sense.  Generating them via "db" is incredibly fast.
>> > There is also one person on the list (sorry, don't remember your name)
>> Me, perhaps? (Henri) ... https://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2014-10/msg00491.html
> It might have been you, but it's not that thread.  I'm referring to
> some discussion a few months ago when I asked for testing the new
> stuff in the snapshots.  My memory for names is really bad, sorry.

February perhaps? I made a similar remark about the output of id then ...


>> My "nsswitch.conf":
>> passwd:files
>> group: files
>> db_enum: files
>> In short, no problem at my end: id shows the short list (as before ...)
> The question would be:  What's the problem with the long list from id?
> Enumerating the builtin accounts is very fast and you shouldn't have
> any downside.  On the upside, *iff* there are files owned by some
> account not listed in /etc/passwd or /etc/group, the additional "db"
> setting would still allow to show the ownership correctly...

Should? :-) I have no doubt that you did an excellent job ... and that it all
very fast ...

Perhaps, it is mere matter of perspective ?????

 - you want to be informed "about what the machine does" ...
 - I am only interested in "my files" (a specific point on the filesystem), a
   point where I have "rucksichtlos" eliminated all references to identities I
   do not care about

(as I noted before, Windows is not really 'my cup of tea')

In short, there is no problem that requires your immediate attention. And I am
happy, that I can still control Cygwin to do it in the "old-fashioned" way.





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