Setup 2.774 texlive postinstall takes 10+ hours

Achim Gratz
Mon Nov 3 18:03:00 GMT 2014

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> Off the top of my head I don't know how hard that would be, but it
> doesn't sound like an especially bad idea to me.  Au contraire.

It should be quite easy since the postinstall scripts are run in POSIX
sort order.  Just give the script a name like 00001_autorebase.bat and
it should always be the first one that runs.

> One thing we could test is if we can't get away without tweaking
> setup.exe, by changing the dependencies only.  Right now _autorebase
> requires rebase and dash packages.  Both are in Base anyway, but they
> pull in more dependencies which result in something like a rat tail of
> dependencies.  So I'm wondering if tweaking _autorebase' setup.hint file
> like this:

Dependencies are not evaluated at all when installing or running

But it would really be better to use triggers for these sort of scripts.
I have something implemented for my "perpetual" postinstall that does an
incremental rebase after each setup run, but it could be extended to be
controlled by setup.ini instead of a naming convention.

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