how to embed shell script within a .BAT file

Nellis, Kenneth
Mon Nov 10 14:49:00 GMT 2014

> From: Jeremy Bopp
> On 11/07/2014 03:26 PM, Nellis, Kenneth wrote:
> > I'm tired of creating pairs of script files:  a clickable .BAT file to
> > invoke my shell script and then my shell script to do the actual work.
> > I was wondering if any of the geniuses on this list have come up with
> > a way to embed a shell script inside a clickable .BAT file.
> Something like this might do.  It assumes you know the path to the Cygwin
> bin directory.  Passing in arguments would be a bit more work and would
> probably be somewhat limited unless you have a small number of possible
> arguments.
> FYI, I don't have a Windows system readily available anymore, so this is
> untested.
> Shelly.bat:
> @echo off
> rem Put Cygwin bin directory into PATH
> set PATH=C:\cygwin\bin;%PATH%
> type %0 | sed "0,/^---BASH SCRIPT FOLLOWS---/ d; s/\r*$//" | bash
> goto :eof
> echo $SHELL is alive
> ^Z

Thanx to Jeremy, Andrey, and the others who responded.

Jeremy's solution is closest to what I was looking for; however
I need it to work from a networked, non-drive-mapped folder. 
(CMD.EXE doesn't like UNC paths.) I hadn't realized that I could
pipe a script into bash.

Andrey also suggested something that allows Windows-clickable
script files, a strict requirement, bypassing the stated, but
unnecessary requirement that it be a .BAT file, by associating 
a file type with bash. This would bypass the UNC issue, so may 
end up being the best solution for me.

--Ken Nellis

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