RFC: 1.7.33 problem with user's home directory

Habermann, David (D) DAHabermann@dow.com
Wed Nov 12 17:55:00 GMT 2014

>> I also like having everything stored under one main directory (c:\cygwin) for ease of backup

> Why would you back up all of c:\cygwin?  Most of it is downloaded from the Internet, and this is easily
> reinstalled from your cached download.  (I'm assuming you keep setup.exe and its download tree on a 
> network drive somewhere.)

I do something similar to you, and the backup isn't the big issue (although I do have MANY locally compiled programs here).  C:\Users is backed up by the corporation, so I either have to duplicate the backup or do multiple recoveries from different backup systems to get it all back...that is why I prefer c:\cygwin\home

My starting point for backup on Unix boxes is to exclude everything except /etc, /home and /usr/local.  Then maybe add a few choice things under /var.  Everything else can be reinstalled.

>> and ease of identification of all cygwin-involved files for our virus and our application 
>> whitelisting systems.

> Do you really have executables in $HOME/bin that won't run unless whitelisted?  Does your security 
> software actually ban programs in %HOMEPATH%?

In our corporate environment, ALL programs (exe, dll, bat, shells and numerous others) on ALL PATHS must be on a corporate-enforced whitelist before they will run at all.  Typically even new versions must be whitelisted, although I've been able to negotiate a folder-and-workstation-specific blanket approval.  I'd like to suggest that we be sensitive to application whitelisting systems, as many corporations are moving in that direction (as it nearly eliminates virus problems altogether)....and yes, working in such an environment is a true PITA.

Also, in general I simply don't like mixing my corporate files (Office software, etc.) with my cygwin files.  They are unrelated and so I like to keep them separate.  Perhaps it is a personal preference, but it is an option I wouldn't want to lose....it would probably force me back to using the passwd file instead of the db.

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