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Mon Nov 17 10:11:00 GMT 2014

On Nov 15 15:45, Christian Franke wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >>The actual test scripts & tools from this use case pass local usernames
> >>from/to non-Cygwin programs and rely on the fact that Cygwin and Windows
> >>username match.
> >>
> >>For the long term, have some cyguser, cyggroup tools (similar to cygpath)
> >>which convert the names would be helpful.
> >Feel free to provide them.  I'm not quite sure what kind of conversion
> >you're thinking about.  Cygwin->Windows?  If so, you can get that
> >with simple scripts:
> >
> >   pwd_entry=$(/usr/bin/getent passwd "$username")
> >   # Extract Windows username and domain
> >   tmp="${pwd_entry#*:*:*:*U-}"
> >   tmp="${pwd_entry%%,*}"
> >   domain="${tmp%\\*}"
> >   username="${tmp#*\\}"
> Works, except when Cygwin does not provide a "U-*\NAME," in the gecos field.
> This is the case for Local Service, Network Service and Administrators.

This can be fixed easily.

> Tested in db-only mode with 1.7.34-001:
>   $ getent passwd localservice
>   localservice:*:19:19:,S-1-5-19:/:/sbin/nologin
> BTW, TrustedInstaller is not found by getent:
>   $ getent passwd TrustedInstaller ; echo $?
>   2
>   $ getent passwd 328384 ; echo $?
>   2

Oh, right.   This affects all "NT SERVICE" accounts.  However, this
also shows another problem.  Every service has its own SID under 
the NT SERVICE scheme.  This allows to print any service as a passwd
or group entry.  To avoid collisions I think the right thing to do
here is to always prefix NT SERVICE accounts, including TrustedInstaller:

  NT SERVICE+TrustedInstaller:*:328384:328384:U-NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller,S-1-5-80-956008885-3418522649-1831038044-1853292631-2271478464:/:/sbin/nologin

I applied a patch for both of the above to CVS.

> What will be the future 'official' way for the opposite Windows->Cygwin
> conversion? Some tool that uses CW_CYGNAME_FROM_WINNAME ?

In theory, the right tool for this would be... getent.  Just as I
added a way to use the S-<sid> syntax, I can add a way to use the
U-domain\username syntax.  This allows to use the same tool for both
directions and then simply filter out the account name you need.


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