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Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Tue Nov 18 15:58:00 GMT 2014

On Nov 18 15:49, Habermann, David (D) wrote:
> > Do you login with your Microsoft account?
> I am logged into my workstation using the id "DOW\U074036".  Of course the services I mentioned to not run under my ID, but instead under "SYSTEM" (except sshd, which uses privsep)
> > Is 1125370 your primary group id?  Can you please paste the output of `id'?
> No, it is not my primary group ID...instead it is my uid (see below).

I got that.  I was asking if the same id is uid *and* pgid.  Sorry
if that wasn't clear.

Here are the first few lines of my "id" output (the entire output is huge, as we make excessive use of AD groups here):
> uid=1125370(U074036) gid=1049089(Domain Users) groups=1049089(Domain Users),197609(EW54384R82P30V+Debugger Users),197617(EW54384R82P30V+DorincoServerAdmins),197619(EW54384R82P30V+Offer Remote Assistance Helpers),555(Remote Desktop Users),545(Users),4(INTERACTIVE),66049(CONSOLE LOGON),11(Authenticated Users),15(This Organization),66048(LOCAL),1275934(InternetUsers),1360436(VPNUsers),1716061(CRM-SHARE-FC),1059330(ep-fc),1062240(ps-sixsigma-change),1882511(TDCC-Users),1716058(CRM-DB-FC),1854531(app-inst-acrobatpro-4),1241820(synergyadm44-chg),2261836(GDC_DR-SHR),1328857(FsmUsers1-G),1058762(Dow-Chem-Emp-List),2269908(GRP-WEB-SHR),18896
> ....and an abbreviated listing from 
> $ /cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/whoami /user /groups /fo list

The problem here is the abbreviation in both cases.  What I was looking
for is if your user uid/SID shows up in the token group list as well.
I don't need the full list, but can you please check?

> [...]
> > Stopping the terminal and restarting cygserver is not sufficient?
> > Also, does this also happen if you don't start cygserver at all?
> I've not tried either of these ... and I'm not sure if it happens at
> every reboot now or not (I rarely reboot).  I'll see if I can
> reproduce it.
> > When the problem occurs, can you provide an strace from id?
> >
> >  $ strace -o id.trace /usr/bin/id
> Will do if I can get it to reproduce.  Will try later today, I have
> "day job" stuff to do at the moment.


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