occasional failure to look up

Habermann, David (D) DAHabermann@dow.com
Tue Nov 18 22:10:00 GMT 2014

>> I've not tried either of these ... and I'm not sure if it happens at
>> every reboot now or not (I rarely reboot).  I'll see if I can
>> reproduce it.
>> > When the problem occurs, can you provide an strace from id?
>> >
>> >  $ strace -o id.trace /usr/bin/id
>> Will do if I can get it to reproduce.  Will try later today, I have
>> "day job" stuff to do at the moment.

Two reboots this afternoon and the problem did not recur...I've only seen it twice so far since moving to the AD-enabled version.  If/when I see it again, I'll do the strace.

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