mkpasswd/mkgroup ... although only helper tools

Fri Nov 28 12:35:00 GMT 2014

> On Nov 28 10:34, Houder wrote:
>> > On Nov 28 09:24, Houder wrote:
>> >> Test:*:197614:197121:Test,U-Seven\Test,S-1-5-21-91509220-1575020443-2714799223-1006:/home/Test:/bin/bash
>> >>                      ^^^^ <==== gecos field has THREE members (iso two)
>> >
>> > For the gecos content, it's created not the same way in Cygwin vs.
>> > mkpasswd and this won't change.  See the thread starting at
>> >
>> Did you notice the difference between (Guest, Henri) and (Test, UpdatusUser) ?????
>> They are all 'S-1-5-21-X-Y-Z account/SIDs' ... but the gecos field of Guest and Henri only have TWO
>> members ... that is, what is the difference between Henri and Test (both are local accounts, created
>> by me)?
>> That why I said, "to me this output is inconsistent" ...
> Yes, that's what I was talking about.  mkpasswd generates the first
> field from the "Full Name" SAM entry if it exists, the Cygwin DLL
> doesn't, unless you use the latest snapshot DLL and add
> db_gecos: windows
> to /etc/nsswitch.conf.  Read the mail linked above.

Thank you! I did NOT understand your previous reply ... until (as a consequence of
your reply here) I realized that the account Henri does NOT have a "full name".
(likewise the Guest account)


(during installation of W7, I had to create an account (Henri) -- and I was never
 asked for a "full name", as far as I can remember. Never realized that it had no
 "full name". Sigh!).



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