RFC: 1.7.33 problem with user's home directory

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Fri Nov 28 16:20:00 GMT 2014

On Nov 28 15:08, Andrey Repin wrote:
> Greetings, Corinna Vinschen!
> >> The meaning of the schemata depend on the setting:
> >> 
> >>   db_home:
> >> 
> >>     windows         AD and SAM: Utilizes the setting of the homeDrive or
> >>                   homeDirectory attributes, or their SAM "Home folder"
> >>                   counterparts.  The Windows path is converted to a
> >>                   POSIX path.
> > I'm not really happy with this.  It requires to write some value to the
> > homeDrive/homeDirectory attributes, because it doesn't fall back to the
> > Windows default values.
> > So, another question is this:  Shall "db_home: windows" fall back
> > to the default Windows home dir if homeDrive/homeDirectory are empty?
> Yes, if you mean it.
> I mean, if you intend to use the same directory OS using for user's home
> directory, you gotta use something that resembles the OS behavior.

Good point.  It's just a bit lengthy to implement.

> >>     @ad_attribute   AD-only: Read AD attribute "ad_attribute" as POSIX
> >>                   path.
> >>                   
> >>                   However, I'm contemplating to allow a Windows path
> >>                   here, too.  Does this make sense to you?
> > I implemented this now.  It doesn't hurt.
> Windows path here makes more sense. The translation to POSIX path depends
> on the fstab settings, and may vary across different systems, and even
> different users, given your aim to make fstab configurable per-user. (Am I
> reading it right?)

We already have user mount points in /etc/fstab.d.  Reading them from AD
only changes the point of administration.  In many organizations the
client machines use a standarized layout anyway.  Allowing a DOS path
here just adds convenience for admins feeling uncomfortable with POSIX

> >>   db_shell:
> >> 
> >>     windows         Ignored.  Do you want CMD instead?
> > Would be interesting for symmetry only, I guess...
> With bogus quoting rules of CMD? It would just not work straight, I'm
> afraid. May be better with PS, but I'm not familiar with it, and I don't know
> anyone, who's familiar or even considering it's use as a shell interpreter.

Lots of people do.  You won't believe in how many scenarios the
users use Cygwin tools from CMD.  If we implement the above, we
would just have to add a cmd wrapper script in /bin to make sure
$PATH is set correctly and to make sure CMD starts up in $HOME,
something along the lines of:

  $ cat /bin/cmd
  cd $HOME
  # Don't rely on COMSPEC!
  cmd=$(cygpath -ua "${SYSTEMROOT}\\System32\\CMD.EXE")
  exec "${cmd}"


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