mintty project

Achim Gratz
Mon Jun 1 16:14:00 GMT 2015

Thomas Wolff writes:
> I'd like to discuss what you (cygwin maintainers and others) think of
> this move, whether it's good for mintty to be hosted on
> github.

The first thing should really be to find out what Andy Koppe thinks
about this, or is there any information about his whereabouts that says
he's abandoned his project (other than the long silence)?

And that question of yours is moot since mintty already is on GitHub, in
26 different forks.  Most of them are "Automatically exported from
Google Code." and some not even fully up-to-date.  Then closest to
Cygwin is the one from cygwinports (Yaakov).  Two of them simply dropped
the history and only three of them have non-trivial commits.

> Personally I feel that a platform like sourceforge provides a
> more professional project environment which would provide more
> confidence in stable project development.
> What do you think?

Sourceforge has been deteriorating for at least the last two years and
personally I don't like the lock-in that GitHub tries to sneak upon its
users.  I certainly won't register with GitHub just for reporting an
issue in one of their projects.

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