[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: lua-5.2.4-1, lua5.1-5.1.5-2

Yaakov Selkowitz yselkowitz@cygwin.com
Fri Jun 5 02:08:00 GMT 2015

The following packages have been updated in the Cygwin distribution:

* lua-5.2.4-1
* lua-devel-5.2.4-1
* lua5.1-5.1.5-2

Lua is a powerful, light-weight programming language designed for
extending applications. Lua is also frequently used as a
general-purpose, stand-alone language.

This is an update to the next major version of the Lua interpreter.
Because of the backwards-incompatible changes in 5.2, a separate runtime
compatibility package has been added for 5.1.  Packages previously
depending on lua-5.1.x which have yet to be rebuilt for 5.2 have been
modified to pull in lua5.1 in the meantime.


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