File permissions different inside and outside cygwin root

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Fri Jun 5 03:53:00 GMT 2015

On 06/02/2015 10:53 AM, Duane Ellis wrote:
> [paraphrased, and edited]
> (Duane) describing the problem
> (Barry)  .. click click click right click .. click click to undo this crazyness
> (steve)  DO not do this .. you can break things in really bad ways
> I would agree, I did not have time to reply yet.
> My comment would be this:
> 	This is not an appropriate solution - is very HUMAN ERROR prone
> 	It does not scale well to others not familiar with the process.
> 	Cygwin should just work, or the feature that causes this should be disabled
> assuming that it is the ACLs,  my questions are
> 1)  How do I disable the ACL feature completely?
> 2) How can I determine if the ACL feature is enabled?
> 	I need to put this test in a few build scripts
> 	I need to prevent execution if the situation exists
>          if  `SOMETEST`
>          then
>                echo “FIX THIS BUILD FAIL”
>                exit 1
>           fi

As others have pointed out already, you can use the "noacl" option to mount
paths and drives to use Windows ACL semantics instead.  You can even mount
'cygdrive' with "noacl" so that all references to drives through "/cygdrive"
will follow the Windows semantics.  If you're looking for the finer details
and caveats about how POSIX ACLs are used and not, see the section on "The
Cygwin Mount Table" in the User's Guide:




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