XWin Server fails to start with keymap failure,

Jon TURNEY jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk
Fri Jun 5 13:03:00 GMT 2015

On 04/06/2015 22:46, John T. Kerich wrote:
> I have google the web and found this type of problem in a number of
> locations dating a back to 2011.  However, none of the checks so a problem
> and no of the solutions fix the startup problem.  See after log.

Thanks for the detailed report.

> [  5753.129] (EE) Error compiling keymap (server-1)
> [  5753.129] (EE) xkbcomp exit status 32512
> [  5753.145] (EE) XKB: Couldn't compile keymap
> [  5753.145] (EE) XKB: Failed to load keymap. Loading default keymap
> instead.

I think this is status 0x7F00, which indicates that spawning a shell to 
run xkbcomp failed with exit code 127 which means "command not found".

This is somewhat confusing, as you clearly do have xkbcomp.

> This problem started after I updated Cygwin.  I uninstalled Cygwin, deleted
> all directories, and reinstalled.  No change.
> /var/lib/xkb/, but this directory didn't exist. – Is does.

I don't understand this sentence.

This directory should exist, containing a README.compiled, created by 
the xorg-server-common package.

> $ ls -l
> total 0
> drwxr-xr-x+ 1 JohnKerich None 0 May 31 18:15 alternatives
> drwxr-xr-x+ 1 JohnKerich None 0 May 31 18:20 dbus
> drwxr-xr-x+ 1 JohnKerich None 0 May 31 18:15 rebase
> drwxr-xr-x+ 1 JohnKerich None 0 May 31 18:19 xkb
> ls /usr/share/X11 - /usr/share/X11/xkb/compiled/ is pointing (symbolic link)
> to /var/lib/xkb/, - I see no link

This suggestion is very out of date.

If you found these instructions on the cygwin website, please tell me 
where so I can update it.

> •  Check that /usr/bin/xkbcomp can be run from a bash shell. If that fails,
> see if cygcheck /usr/bin/xkbcomp reports any missing DLLs.

The cygcheck output looks correct.  I assume you also checked that 
xkbcomp can be run?

> This is all I found googling.  I have no idea on how to proceed.  Any help
> would be most appreciated.

FAQ 9.15 also refers you to 9.16, which refers on to [1] for various 
software which can interfere

[1] https://cygwin.com/faq.html#faq.using.bloda

If that doesn't help, perhaps you can run 'strace -o log XWin' and 
attach the resulting log file?

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