managing multiple emacs

Nellis, Kenneth
Tue Jun 9 14:30:00 GMT 2015

I have two versions of emacs on my Windows 7 box: Cygwin's and a native Windows one.
Each one has its own .emacs file, distinguished by different HOME environment variables.
This generally works: when I launch Cygwin's emacs it uses $HOME/.emacs; when I launch 
Windows emacs, It /generally/ uses the Windows %HOME%/.emacs file, but there's a catch: 
When I launch a Windows application from within Cygwin, e.g. ClearCase Explorer, and from
that Windows app I open a file in emacs, because the Windows app has inherited my Cygwin 
environment, it uses my Cygwin .emacs file, not my Windows one.

Ideally, I could unify the two .emacs files, but that presents another problem:
I want the menu to be disabled in the character-cell Cygwin console (mintty) where it is 
useless, but it is useful in the Windows emacs, so how do I test within a unified .emacs 
file which binary I'm using so that I can conditionally control the menu bar?
FWIW, the command to disable the menu is: (menu-bar-mode 0)

Without a solution to a unified .emacs, I wonder how to associate a .emacs file with a 
particular emacs binary.

-Ken Nellis

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