managing multiple emacs

Vince Rice
Tue Jun 9 19:40:00 GMT 2015

The good reason is this problem goes away if you’re only using native (cygwin) emacs.
The other good reason is that you’ll almost certainly spend more time trying to work around not using native tools than you would just installing them (and uninstalling the non-native one).

(Spoken as a non-emacs user, so no direct experience either way.)

> On Jun 9, 2015, at 2:28 PM, Nellis, Kenneth <> wrote:
> From: Jim Reisert AD1C 
>>> 3. I don't have the Cygwin emacs-w32 package installed; my Windows
>> version is outside the
>>> Cygwin environment.
>> Don't install GNU Emacs for Windows.  Get rid of it.  Install the
>> Cygwin emacs-w32 package instead.  You can use this in Windows as long
>> as cygwin/bin is in your Windows path.  I did this years ago and have
>> never looked back.  It works great!
> Thanx for that advice, but since I already have it installed, and without
> any reason given to change, it's hard to justify swapping it out. If there
> are good reasons to do so, I'll be glad to do it.
> --Ken Nellis

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