The new permission system and git

Lemke, Michael ST/HZA-ZIC2
Mon Jun 22 15:31:00 GMT 2015

Sorry to say this but everywhere I use cygwin (work, home) these days
I run into trouble with the new permission system initially introduced 
at 1.7.35 IIRC.  I just did this:

$ cd //some/server
$ git init .
$ git add statistik
$ git commit
error: invalid object 040000 ab9e237892aceba0cb7447b290bdcc7437967918 for 'statistik'
error: Error building trees

$ ls -ls .git/objects/ab/9e237892aceba0cb7447b290bdcc7437967918
4 -r--rwxr--+ 1 Administrators INA-DE01+Domain Users 365 Jun 22 16:59 .git/objects/ab/9e237892aceba0cb7447b290bdcc7437967918

Mounting the whole server directory noacl doesn't help.  The only change
is that vi doesn't complain that I am editing a readonly file when saving
the commit message.

On Stackoverflow I found a workaround (

$ git config --add core.createobject rename


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