permission question

Greg Freemyer
Wed Dec 7 15:48:00 GMT 2016

I have a USB drive with 100,000's of thousands of files I put on it
from one PC.  I've built that dataset up over a couple years.

I moved the USB drive to a different PC and I'm trying to rsync it to
another drive.

99.9% of the data seems to have made its way from one drive to the other.

But I got a few permission denied messages when reading files off of
the source drive.

I really don't need anything but the equivalent of 666 permissions for
the source drive files.

I know linux well, but I have screwed up Windows permissions once too often.

Is there a command I should run in Windows or cygwin to grant my user
read/write permission to all of the files?

Or I can parse the rsync log file I created and look for the handful
of files that failed with permission denied.

Greg Freemyer

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