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Greg Freemyer
Wed Dec 7 18:22:00 GMT 2016

On Wed, Dec 7, 2016 at 10:47 AM, Greg Freemyer <> wrote:
> I have a USB drive with 100,000's of thousands of files I put on it
> from one PC.  I've built that dataset up over a couple years.
> I moved the USB drive to a different PC and I'm trying to rsync it to
> another drive.
> 99.9% of the data seems to have made its way from one drive to the other.
> But I got a few permission denied messages when reading files off of
> the source drive.
> I really don't need anything but the equivalent of 666 permissions for
> the source drive files.
> I know linux well, but I have screwed up Windows permissions once too often.
> Is there a command I should run in Windows or cygwin to grant my user
> read/write permission to all of the files?
> Or I can parse the rsync log file I created and look for the handful
> of files that failed with permission denied.
> Thanks

It's worst than I thought.

I used rsync -avP to make the copy of the folders / files.   (Its
2.5TB, so it took all day yesterday to run).

I'm trying now to use "rsync -cvr" to compare the checksums of the
source / destination and re-copy any that got corrupted.

The trouble is lots of the destination files can't be read due to
permission issues, so the compare doesn't match and the rsync is
copying the same files again.

I admit to having little understanding of the Windows / cygwin
permissions integration.  Or even Windows permissions standalone.  I
do understand Linux permissions well.

I'm tempted to just do a "chmod 755 -R .", but I've just had too many
windows permission issues in the last year to start trying things
without guidance.


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