permission question

Erik Soderquist
Wed Dec 7 20:12:00 GMT 2016

> I really like cygwin and have used it for a decade plus.  Only in the
> last year or 18-months have I noticed significant permission issues
> that slow down my workflow.
> Copying these folders/files from one drive to another is a task I'd
> like to accomplish, but even more importantly I'd like to understand
> how to work with permissions in cygwin.  As it is, I'm concerned I
> will have to leave cygwin behind and I don't want to do that.

I've been a Windows and Linux admin for years, and Windows permissions
can be a pain, but can also be very granular.

What I normally do for something like this is use robocopy's "backup mode"
switch to bypass permissions on the source entirely and intentionally not
copy the permissions to the destination, then set up the permissions I want
on the destination after the copy is complete.

The "backup mode" option requires either backup operator or local admin
permissions to use.

-- Erik

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