Installer names not meaningful enough

Erik Soderquist
Wed Dec 7 21:40:00 GMT 2016

On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 7:18 AM, Lee Dilkie wrote:
> I'd agree that adding "cygwin" to the setup program would be nice but it's
> certainly not the windows "way", lots of programs use just "setup.exe".

I don't recall "the Windows way" being a goal of Cygwin.

> Versioning can't be added to the file name because the setup program itself
> isn't versioned, or at least isn't the same version as the cygwin you are
> installing... the cygwin version come from the servers...

Yes, the setup program is versioned, and will complain about being
outdated on its own anytime it sees a setup.ini that reports a newer
version of the setup program exists.

I've often wondered why the setup program doesn't include its version
number in the name like ever other package does, for example:

On my own systems, I download the setup program and check its version,
then rename the file myself to include the version number.  I know I
would greatly appreciate the setup version number in the file name,
and suspect this could be accomplished without breaking the existing
scripted downloads by having setup.exe and setup_x64.exe be symlinks
to whatever the current version is.  Having the version number of the
setup program thus available could also prevent a lot of duplicate
downloads.  I know I would look at the version number before
downloading rather than download and then compare to what I have.

-- Erik

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