open IE from command line

Nellis, Kenneth
Thu Dec 22 14:26:00 GMT 2016

From: cyg Simple (
> FYI you can also use vi to translate those line endings
> $ vi foo
> :set ff=unix
> :wq
> or going the other direction,
> $ vi foo
> :set ff=dos
> :wq

Actually, the file downloaded just fine without CRLF line endings.

From cyg Simple (
> I suspect that it is your minimized PATH.  I'm not using that
> minimization because I need the Windows PATH to be productive.  I only
> install a minimal set of Cygwin and use Windows native when possible.

Actually, I reported in
that my paths were the same.

From: myself (
> Thanx! That worked! Will have to scrutinize the script for the secret
> sauce. Curiously, when opened in by script, IE, which is my default 
> browser, no longer recognizes visited links by displaying them in a 
> different color. No biggie. Also curious why others weren't having
> this problem.

Mystery solved (to my satisfaction). After writing, I realized that the 
script wasn't working consistently, sometimes causing IE to misbehave as 
I originally posted. A bit of digging showed that it was working if 
invoked from a bash session initiated by "chere", but not otherwise. 
Comparing environment variables between the two, I notice my regular 
session doesn't include several variables that chere does. Prime suspects:
 * CommonProgramFiles(x86)
 * CommonProgramW6432
 * ProgramData
 * ProgramFiles(x86)
 * ProgramW6432
Experimentation will no doubt find the culprit, and will put me back
in business.

Thanx for all the help!

--Ken Nellis

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