cygwin libusb missing one device

Lauren Weinstein
Fri Mar 4 05:01:00 GMT 2016

Greetings. I installed the current cygwin on a Win32 system specifically to 
use libusb functions. This mostly works, except it appears that the library 
doesn't see one particular USB device, even though its driver loads and the 
associated Windows app works OK. Unfortunately, I need to use libusb to load 
in new firmware, and while the same hardware works fine with libusb when set 
to use different drivers (via different VID/PIDs), in this one important case 
the libusb functions simply don't seem to see the device at all (e.g., lsusb 
doesn't list it, the library open/read/write functions fail, etc.) Any ideas? 
Thanks very much.


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