library compilation undefined reference to extern function

Azatyan, Anushavan
Sun Mar 6 22:27:00 GMT 2016


I am compiling a huge library, which is written and compiled under Ubuntu, I have fixed some problems to get it compiled in cygwin.
The main() function is inside library. I stopped in some point which goes different in cygwin.
I have some functions which are declared as - extern void func(void);   Linker gives error - undefined reference to `func()'

then I tried with this to compare differences.. 

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
extern void foo(void);
int main()
        cout<<" Print ";
        return 0;

a very simple example I can compile in linux (Ubuntu) without any problem, but in cygwin it goes with linker errors - undefined reference, in both systems I use  

$ gcc -c -Wall -fpic
$ gcc -shared -o filename.o

I could not find solution of this anywhere.

Thank you, 
Best regards, Anushavan

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