Latest "setup-x86(_64)?\.exe" version supporting WinXP

Sophoklis Goumas
Tue Oct 4 12:34:00 GMT 2016


I'm seeing some contradicting clues from and's Cygwin Time Machine [1] as to which
is the latest version of "setup-x86(_64)?\.exe" with WinXP "support".

Something like:

> The previous Cygwin version 2.5.2 was the last version supporting Windows XP and Server 2003.
< The last version of Setup to support XP is 2.874.

The SHA1SUMs of the files that come from are:

4a01cccf0d6036b1bbca3bbaf13a97a97ca73918 setup-x86_64-2.874.exe
e8778fbd16f6d95b7abb0c93d31e8abb4d24d943 setup-x86-2.874.exe

So, would, please, confirm that the version offered from
is the last that includes WinXP "support"?

Would you also, please, confirm the validity of those files?

Thanks in advance,


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