rename syscall failed with EACES and os returns NT_STATUS_TRANSACTIONAL_CONFLICT

Wed Oct 5 18:14:00 GMT 2016

  I'm trying to run some unittests with python os.rename function. But
rename syscall failed with error code 13. From strace output I can see
windows OS returns NT_STATUS_TRANSACTIONAL_CONFLICT(0xC0190001).

python2.7 2576 unlink_nt: Opening
\??\C:\Portable\PrivData\cygwin\tmp\tmp4enMfR for delete failed, status
= 0xC0190001

  see for full log of strace output.
  I'm on Win 10 x64, Cygwin dll version is 2.6.0, still trying to make a
demo to represent this issue.

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