Blocking a base package from installing

Achim Gratz
Thu Oct 6 19:15:00 GMT 2016

Linda Walsh writes:
>> 1. Build a proper package and give it a higher version number than
>> Cygwin's own Vim.  
>> 2. Fake the installation of vim-minimal in /etc/setup/installed.db and
>> give that fake installation some high version number.
> ---
> Both of which are "lying" to the package manager, to get it to
> NOT install an inferior (from the standpoint of not containing
> the user-desired modifications/features) package.  It should
> be possible to "LOCK" a package (base or not), to prevent it from
> being removed/updated/installed or changed by setup, no?  

Not really, although there is some skipping of intermediate steps
involved.  By building your own package you introduce a second package
source (like Cygport does).  The two package sources can only coexist if
either the package versions are all different (note: version here
includes the "build number") or the package sets are disjunct and
dependencies are only present from the "second source" into the first.
If you were to change the packaging of an existing package in the base
package source, you'd have to provide obsolescence packages for those
packages you no longer provide content for.  The two suggestions just
produce the end result of doing that with different amounts of not
actually doing all the work that would be required (and if you break
your system you get to keep the pieces).

Now, that last question of yours: No, the package manager should never
allow you to not install a base package.  These are in category "Base"
precisely so the rest of the system can rely on the functionality

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