[ANNOUNCEMENT] evolution-data-server 3.18.5-2 (x86 only)

Yaakov Selkowitz yselkowitz@cygwin.com
Tue Oct 11 03:29:00 GMT 2016

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* evolution-data-server-3.18.5-2
* libcamel1.2_54-3.18.5-2
* libebackend1.2_10-3.18.5-2
* libebook1.2_16-3.18.5-2
* libebook-contacts1.2_2-3.18.5-2
* libecal1.2_19-3.18.5-2
* libedata-book1.2_25-3.18.5-2
* libedata-cal1.2_28-3.18.5-2
* libedataserver1.2_21-3.18.5-2
* libedataserverui1.2_1-3.18.5-2
* girepository-EDataServer1.2-3.18.5-2
* vala-libedataserver1.2-3.18.5-2
* libedataserver1.2-devel-3.18.5-2
* libedataserver1.2-doc-3.18.5-2

The Evolution Data Server package provides a unified backend for programs 
that work with contacts, tasks, and calendar information. It was originally 
developed for Evolution (hence the name), but is now used by other packages 
as well.

This x86-only release was rebuilt for db-5.3.


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