falled compilations

juan carlos Rebate nerus492@gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 00:32:00 GMT 2016

first say I am new to this list, second discupas I ask for my bad
English writing

I have been programming for windows since 2004, now I am forced to
compile certain Linux applications on Windows, the problem is that I
receive errors that in theory should not.
in the three applications receive the same error

error cc either not exit or no work,
but this is not true, when I call to gcc works correctly, todod
tutorials tell me that do the following ./configure --cc=gcc or
./configure --cc="gcc-3 -mno-cygwin" --host-cc=gcc-3

course this command is not valid as regards gcc gcc 3 but includes
cygwin 5, of course is not sufficient to change the 3 by 5

How you could resolve this?

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