gdb 7.11.1-2 started within emacs fails

Rockefeller, Harry
Wed Oct 19 16:54:00 GMT 2016

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>Subject: Re: gdb 7.11.1-2 started within emacs fails
>>>I can confirm that this happens also with gdb-7.11.1-1 but not
>>>gdb-7.10.1-1.  (I tested on x86_64, since gdb-7.10.1-1 is broken on x86.)
>>>It also fails with M-x gdb instead of M-x gud-gdb, but with a different error message:
>>>Failed to resume program execution (ContinueDebugEvent failed, error
>>>87) Ken
>> I tried using 'ddd' instead of emacs and gdb aborts with the same readline ... message above.

>Any progress on the above issue? I recently updated my gdb and am running into the same problem.
>William M. (Mike) Miller | Edison Design Group

No progress I am aware of.  I switched over to 64-bit Cygwin which uses gdb-7.10.1-1 to avoid this problem.
This "request" may be related to the problem: I would like to see the autogenerated gdb line:
"---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---" to go away.
gdb pauses posting this line unnecessarily.

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