bc version has issue with \r when run from cmd

L. A. Walsh cygwin@tlinx.org
Sun Oct 23 01:45:00 GMT 2016

dapiot holmp wrote:
> the version of bc that comes with cygwin, is bc 1.06.95   it works
> fine from within the cygwin environment, but from cmd it doesn't
> process \r
> C:\cygwin\bin>echo 5+4|.\bc
> (standard_in) 1: illegal character: ^M
	It's not about "bc" not working with cmd.  The problem
is that cmd is sending a "^M" which doesn't happen when you are
"within the cygwin environment".  I.e.  it's not a bug or problem
in "bc", but the fact that you are using "cmd" which sends those 
extra characters all the time (to all programs receiving pipes).

	If you don't want the "^M", don't mix Windows programs
which send the "<CR>" (Carriage Return or "\r") with *nix programs that
only expect a <LF> (Line Feed; ^J or "\n").

	Does that make sense?

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