How to remove a nirror from the cygwin set x86 64 mirrors list.

Brian Inglis
Sun Oct 30 06:23:00 GMT 2016

On 2016-10-29 17:51, Chris Johnson wrote:
> I added a bad url to the mirrors list in setup that lets you chose or
> add a mirror. It's a bad mirror and I want to remove it. It might
> be my inability to phrase it properly  but I'm unable to find how
> to do this in the User manual, the FAQ, the archives or the web.

Just not selecting that mirror will avoid ut, unless the content messes up setup.

> I'm running Win 7 and cygwin_setupx86_64.exe calling itself version
> 2.876 for some reason.

Setup has its own version.

> Is there a file I can edit or rename/move or replace the will allow
> me to remove this  bad url from the setup mirror list? The only info
> I've found about this is a file called list-mirror but I can't find
> it anywhere.

${VISUAL:-$EDITOR} /etc/setup/setup.rc

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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