Extreme Slowness of cygwin commands [SOLVED?]

Erik Soderquist ErikSoderquist@gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 18:28:00 GMT 2016

On Thu, Sep 1, 2016 at 2:18 PM,  bzs wrote:
> I have spoken to the bank involved numerous times but never got past a
> very chipper, helpful person who is ready to show me how to start/stop
> the software, listens to my problem (slowness) politely and then goes
> back into their technical support dance. And is so many paygrades
> below taking a general complaint it just sounds like I'm out to foul
> their air. Frankly they probably suspect I don't know what I'm talking
> about (probably not their software, what is "cygwin"? we can't be
> responsible for your third-party apps speak to them if that's what
> you're having problems with, etc.)

Take it publicly to social media; I've received excellent results with
complaints about "getting the run around and finger pointing" on
twitter when the private support lines run into such walls.

> Also, the accts affected so far are business accts with various other
> relationships so it's not quite as easy as walking down the block and
> opening another acct w/ another bank tho it's not impossible and I am
> looking into it, just spoke w/ another bank about taking it all over.

That does complicate things a lot... best of luck there...

> And other than "IBM sold it to them" one never gets a straight answer
> on why they even require this software. Again, that decision is too
> many paygrades up for them to speculate about beyond "it improves
> security".

That also warrants public social media attention; "it improves
security" doesn't cut the mustard without details on how.

-- Erik

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