updated vim broke arrow/delete keys

Gary Johnson garyjohn@spocom.com
Fri Sep 2 16:21:00 GMT 2016

On 2016-09-02, Felipe Vieira wrote:
> Dear all,
> I just updated my vim and some keys are now broken.
> I'm trying both versions of vim:
> vim-7.4.2181-1.tar.xz 07-Aug-2016 21:13 1062348
> and
> vim-7.4.1990-1.tar.xz                              06-Jul-2016 20:31
>           1055584
> but both now broke the arrow keys/delete in insert mode.
> Up arrow inserts "OA" as text, del inserts "[3~".
> How can I fix these and revert to what was before?
> I'm assuming my version of vim was even older than those.

They work fine for me.  It could be that something else changed at
the same time that you updated vim.

What terminal are you running in?

I started a Cygwin shell in mintty and ran vim 7.4.2181 as

    $ vim -N -u NONE

to get rid of the influence of any configuration files, then entered
some text.  The left, right, up and down arrows and delete all work
as expected in insert mode.


    :set termcap

will show you the character sequences vim expects to see for those
keys.  I see, for example,

    t_ku <Up>        ^[O*A
    t_kD <Del>       ^[[3~

where ^[ represents Escape.

You might also check the value of 'term'.  I see this:

    :set term?

I can't think of a cause at the moment, but maybe trying those steps
will shed some light.


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