ssh to Cygwin sshd - command with bat file fails when trust established but works with password authentication

Achim Gratz
Tue Sep 6 18:00:00 GMT 2016

Jeffrey Lightner writes:
> The weirdness is that this failure only occurs when we call it using
> ssh trust to make the connection. If we make the connection without a
> trust so that it prompts for the OS level password the bat file then
> executes correctly including its application level login.

That most likely means that this application needs network access.  If
you log in via public key and don't have a password stored in registry
via 'passwd -R' and cygserver running to use it, then you won't have any
access rights to non-local resources.

If all you need is indeed to run one script, you might alternatively be
able to set up a service that starts under a network user and just runs
that script when triggered by your remote user login in via ssh.

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