Can you modify how Cygwin prepends domain name to username?

Linda Walsh
Thu Sep 8 19:44:00 GMT 2016

Carl wrote:
Where does the '+' come from?  Is that in Win10 or some newer domain
control software?

I'm running Windows 7, and cygwin uses the same naming conventions
as the OS.  I.e. in Windows, outside of cygwin, my domain logins 
look like "Domain\user".  So in my /etc/passwd file, I see the same thing:

I would be nervous to change the form in /etc/passwd to something
different from the OS's name for the account, but it might make
no difference.    

How does your local Win OS name such accounts?  I.e. if I use
Process Hacker, it can show the user account for each 
process, as obtained from Windows.  It always shows 
Domain/user for the non-local users running programs. 

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