Windows 7 update broke Cygwin X?

Achim Gratz
Mon Sep 12 19:13:00 GMT 2016

Joshua Hoke writes:
> I tried following directions from
> for debugging with
> strace and it seems there is an exception occurring inside a Trend
> Micro DLL, causing XWin.exe to exit silently.

YMMV, but while Trend Micro was inflicted upon us @work, I have never
been able to run anything even moderately complex (especially something
having their own DLLs), much less Cygwin, without excepting the install
directory from their "real time scan" engine at least.  This went so far
that the official support solution was to have a directory excepted by
default and having people to re-install whatever software they had
problems with there (besides all those software packages that were
installed there by default because they were already known not to work

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