mintty shows some text in other than foreground color

Brian Inglis
Fri Sep 16 13:21:00 GMT 2016

On 2016-09-15 14:47, David Karr wrote:
> When I run mintty, the background is white, and normal text is black.
> This is fine.  However, there are some applications that are
> displaying text in other colors, many of which are fine, but some apps
> display some text in yellow, which on a white background is almost
> unreadable.
> For instance, the display from Cassandra's "cqlsh" shows the results
> of queries in black, purple (probably not quite right), and yellow.
> The worst part is, it's using yellow for the column values.
> Is there any way to control this, in general (obviously, not just for
> cqlsh output)?


Normal ANSI escapes start with CSI 0x9b or \e[, these start with OSC 0x9d or \e],
and end with ST 0x9c or \e\\, or BEL ctrl-G, 0x07 or \a.

See Ps = 4 ; c ; spec → Change colour c to colour spec, a standard xterm RGB
colour word or hex code; the ; c ; spec sequences may be repeated as many times
as required before the ST, e.g. for up to 256 colours.
See also Ps = 10 default foreground colour and 11 default background colour
if you need to temporarily invert the default background and foreground colours,
e.g to display curl[/CityName] in a normally white window background:

# - ANSI colour text weather forecast for IP address or city
echo -ne '\e]10;white\e\\'
echo -ne '\e]11;black\e\\'
sleep 5
echo -ne '\e]10;black\e\\'
echo -ne '\e]11;white\e\\'

as the colours just don't work without the black background.
N.B. The OSC sequences do not appear to be supported by man or less.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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