Autotools support group, forum, mailing list, ???

HiTech HiTouch
Thu Sep 22 22:35:00 GMT 2016

Please forgive the somewhat off topic, but people who use 
Autotools and Mingw hang here and may be able to point me.

I'm looking for a central place where people ask questions about 
Autotools (autoconf automake, etc.).  My google-ing finds (in 
addition to the manuals) only mailing list and blogs, all of which 
haven't had significant activity for years, like 2013, 2007, 2004. 
I find no BBS systems (forums) in use.

The most questioners seem to be on the various stackexchange 
communities, pick one, pick many.

Where should one go to ask questions, pray tell?

PS:  I'm trying to build the tool chain for Arduino IDE by cross 
compiling.  I am using MinGW 4.9.2 on WIndows XP SP3 32 bit to 
produce tools that run on native win32 (32 bit windows) and 
produce code for ARM.  I've been given the avr tool chain package 
produced using Autotools for my starting point.

PPS: The Autotools anchor,, has a bad 
pointer to its mailing list archive.  Letting google do the work, 
there is nothing in that last several years for XP, Windows, or 
win32 save for spam.

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