Inconsistent "Unable to extract /usr/bin/ssh-agent.exe" message and disappearing files

Jan Normann Nielsen
Tue Apr 4 12:10:00 GMT 2017

Den 01-04-2017 kl. 14:34 skrev Andrey Repin:
>> After using Cygwin for a couple of years, suddenly today a lot of files
>> in my Cygwin folder were missing, most notably cygwin.bat and
>> bin/ssh-agent.exe. I have no idea what has happened, the files were
>> there yesterday. I don't remember if I did an update after yesterday's
>> use, but I certainly don't remember any errors occurring if I did. I
>> tried reinstalling the openssh package, but it refused to do so.
>> Unfortunately I didn't write down the error message but I suspect it was
>> the same as the one occurring below.
> Assuming you run setup with elevated privilegesÂ… Sounds much like an
> "antivirus" acting up.
Indeed it was my Avast Antivirus detecting an "IDP.Generic" threat. I've 
reported it as a false positive to their website and hopefully this will 
make the problem disappear for me and others in the near future. Thanks 
for the assistance. :-)

Best wishes,

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