Can not get XWindows to Work in Cygwin/X .... I LOVE CYGWIN, USE IT EVERY DAY

Chase, Brian E.
Tue Apr 11 18:31:00 GMT 2017

Suggest reinstalling Cygwin with additional options as follows:
	-  xwin-xdg-menu
	-  xwinclip
	-  xwininfo
	-  cygrunsrv (if you're going to run an sshd server)
	-  curl (if you test network connections of various protocols, useful when ping is blocked)
	-  geany (lightweight IDE or programmer's editor)
	-  mate-terminal ( or other Xwindow terminal programs (I like MATE terminal, but Xterm works also)
	-  dia (Visio like vector based drawing program with some pretty good built in stencils)
There, that should get you started.  No need to remove anything you've already got installed, just run latest installer setup.exe or setup-x86.exe and pick the new programs.  When it finishes, you should have a new application in your Cygwin/X menu item in Windows called "XWin Server", run that.  You should then see two new icons pop up in the task bar, one is the X server and is only there to tell you that Xserver is active, the other looks like the bash launch icon, right click on that and voila, there is your new XDG desktop menu where all your graphical Cygwin programs will show up.

Let me know if this was helpful.

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Dear Cygwin, 

I am trying to get the X Windows to work, I must be doing something wrong.  I read the FAQ and manual but no go.  I have Cygwin/X installed on a Windows 7 Desktop.  

I type Startxwin or xwin and just get a xterm to the server ?   I got some directions I am gonna try tonight.  

I would like to take this chance to say thanks for the software .... I LOVE CYGWIN, USE IT EVERY DAY.
I have shell scripting that runs my EDI programs ... it was on the korn shell on MKS toolkit .... the one person i worked with wanted to save money and (unknow to me) never paid the Software Maint. fees to mks .... and when I went to renew ... they wanted a huge sum of money and gave me a destuction date for the software .... i explained that I needed to run 2 environments and could not destroy the software.   

They would not deal with me, help me or for that matter, return my calls or email. 

It took a little work ... but I ported my scripting to bash under Cygwin. 

Next time the arrogant sales rep called me asking what I wanted to do ... I said I moved to the free, Open Source Cygwin and simply have no further need of your overpriced software.  


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