Can not get XWindows to Work in Cygwin/X .... I LOVE CYGWIN, USE IT EVERY DAY

Achim Gratz
Tue Apr 11 18:40:00 GMT 2017

mrushton writes:
> I type Startxwin or xwin and just get a xterm to the server?

Well, then X works as it's supposed to be.  The standard setup is to use
a rootless server and have Windows manage the application windows (like
that xterm you're seeing).  There should be two new icons in the try in
Windows' taskbar.  Make them permanently visible, you can start some
applications via the context menu from there.

If you insist on using a root window and run a separate window manager
on it (which I would only recommend if you dedicate a separate monitor
to it), then WindowMaker is lightweight and doesn't pull in as many
dependecies as some of the other choices.

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