strace (from git) segfaults

Marco Atzeri
Sun Apr 16 12:11:00 GMT 2017

On 21/03/2017 21:08, Daniel Santos wrote:
> This is a silly one because I ran gdb --args strace ls and it doesn't
> crash.  Then I ran 'gdb --args strace strace ls' and it crashed in gdb
> ONCE!  However, I don't usually work on Cygwin/Windows so I think gdb
> loaded up the wrong debug info and/or source files.  I built
> cygwin-newlib from git (with -O2 -g3) and did make install, so I didn't
> strip them.  Anyway, this is the measly backtrace I got and I wish I
> hadn't restarted the debug session because I haven't been able to get it
> to happen in the debugger since:

May be a BLODA effect ?

On my W7 64bit strace segfaults when Symantec is working
but not in SafeMode when it is disabled.


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